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Refurbished Fresh Roast SR800
Refurbished Fresh Roast SR800 with EXT tube

Refurbished Fresh Roast SR800

Regular price $245.00
Sale price
Refurbished SR540 Coffee Roaster
Refurbished SR540 Coffee Roaster

Refurbished Fresh Roast SR540

Regular price $151.00
Sale price
Fresh Roast SR800
Fresh Roast SR800 Roaster


Regular price $289.00
Sale price
Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Bean Roaster
Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Bean Roaster


Regular price $209.00
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Fresh Roast products should be a staple in any coffee lovers home. Pick up your Fresh Roast SR540 for 20% off for a limited-time only! Now on sale until midnight on 11/30/23!


Fresh Roast SR540 Black Friday Sale

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    Coffee Roasting Questions

    What Are Best Coffee Bean Varieties for Home Roasting?

    Some of the Common choices include Ethiopian Guji, Colombian, Brazilian Coffee Beans, and Tanzanian Iyenga Coffee Beans. These are known for their unique flavor profiles.

    Choosing the Right Coffee Bean Supplier

    Look for reputable suppliers that offer a variety of green coffee beans from different regions. Customer reviews and recommendations can be helpful.

    What Are Recommended Coffee Roaster for Beginners?

    Consider entry-level home coffee roasters like the FreshRoast SR540.

    The Fresh Roast SR540 is our most user-friendly and suitable at home coffee roasting machine for beginners.

    What Are Mistakes to Avoid When Roasting Coffee?

    Common mistakes include over roasting, not cooling beans quickly, and not allowing beans to rest after roasting. To cool your beans more efficiently, pick up our Fresh Roast Coffee Bean Cooler to enhance the coffee roasting process and make life easier!

    What Are The Different Coffee Bean Roast Levels?

    There are several roast levels, from light to dark. Light roasts maintain more of the bean's original flavors, while dark roasts have stronger, smokier flavors. You can check the Roasters Corner Blog for more information about the variety of coffee roast levels.

    How Can I Store Green Coffee Beans?

    Store green coffee beans in a cool, dry place, preferably in airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags to maintain freshness. Home Roasting Supplies has the perfect coffee bean vacuum-sealed bags for all your coffee bean storage needs!

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