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We start with 4 oz, 113 grams, or 4 scoops of beans in the SR540.  After you have assembled the SR540 with beans inside the roast chamber.  You can press the On/Off button to change the settings.  The default settings are meant to be changed.   Using the button, press down to get the first value on the display to blink.  These will be the fan settings.  Change the fan settings to 9, then depress the knob to change the heat setting to 4, and depress the knob again to change the time setting to 10 min.  Press the Run/Cool button and your roast will start.  The graph below will display the settings used throughout a roast.  There are many variables that come to roasting and if your time is off by 2-4 min, that is okay.  As long as the beans are being roasted in under 18 minutes and you are seeing temperatures above 430*F.  To see the temperatures, first, check that there are no digits blinking and then turn the knob clockwise quickly.  This will display the roaster temperature.  

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