Fresh Roast SR540

The Fresh Roast SR540

Our Most affordable Coffee Roaster - The Fresh Roast SR540 will help you enhance your home roasting experience, crafting fresh coffee beans every time!

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Getting started with your SR540

To start out, be careful with the glass roasting chamber and the top assembly.  If you found a crack or damage to the parts, please send us an email: 

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Roasting your own coffee at home can be a very enjoyable experience. Make sure that when choosing an area to start your roast, it has good air circulation and supply voltage is critical. 

  1. Assemble the machine and line up the 2 dimples on the roast chamber to the open slots on the roaster base. 
  2. You will want to add 4oz of beans to the roast chamber and then add the top assembly (Top Cap and Chaff Basket) 
  3. Press the On/Off, The default settings will show Fan 1 - Heat 9, Time 6.0.  

The Default Settings Are Meant To Be Changed.

How to adjust settings on your Fresh Roast SR540

Using The Button, Press Down To Get The First Value On The Display To Blink.  This Will Be The Fan Settings.  Change The Fan Settings To 9, Then Depress The Knob To Change The Heat Setting To 4, And Depress The Knob Again To Change The Time Setting To 10 Min.  Press The Run/Cool Button And Your Roast Will Start and the new default will be saved.  See below for sample roast.

Checking Temperature of your Bean Roast

To See The Temperatures, First, Check That There Are No Digits Blinking And Then Turn The Knob Clockwise Quickly. This Will Display The Roaster Temperature. 

*Outside Variables to Coffee Bean Roasting*

There Are Many Factors When It Comes To Roasting And If Your Time Is Off By 2-4 Min, That Is Okay.  As Long As The Beans Are Being Roasted In Under 18 Minutes. 

1. Ambient room temp is something to be considered, anything below 55*F will result in a roaster running cool. 

2. The supply voltage being too low or an extension cord being used can also result in low heat output.

3. Running the fan too high during a roast will also result in low heat output. 

To read more about other factors to consider while roasting, additional tips, and more, Check out our Blog Posts:

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