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The Fresh Roast Story

Our Beginning

It all started when founder, Tim Skaling, was receiving fresh roasted coffee from his brother.  Tim's brother was a commercial roaster on the east coast and was sending his fresh roasted coffee to the west coast.  After several days, Tim would taste a difference in quality.  After some suggestions from his brother and modifying a hot air popcorn popper, he created the first Fresh Roast Coffee Roasters in 1995.


A Family Business

Tim's son, Sam, took over the business in the mid-2000's and has now been helping run and scale the business for the last several years. With Sam's efforts, he has been able to get the Fresh Roast name onto Amazon and continue to scale the business online.

New Line of Roasters

In May of 2019, we realeased our newest line of SR coffee roasters. These newly design roasters have improved control, a new heater that will allow for a wider temperature range, new chamber design, and live temperature read outs.  

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