Best Way to clean your Fresh Roast Home Coffee Roaster?
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Best Way to clean your Fresh Roast Home Coffee Roaster?



What is the best way to clean your Fresh Roast Home Coffee Roaster? 

Our amazing customers asked, and we listened and cleaning your coffee roaster is the question we are going to help answer today. First of all it is better to clean before your chamber starts to build up the black and brown residue on the glass. 

After every roast we suggest wiping the chamber down after every roast session.  A simple paper towel will help remove the oils that are produced during the roast process. For the top assembly, we suggest using something as simple as a 1" brush to help remove the chaff that is stuck in the screen of your top cap as well as removing the chaff from the chaff basket (lower section). If you have access to a small shop vac or air compressor, that is also very useful. A quick blow of air will help remove small particles that could plug up your screen.  


What is needed to clean the top and chamber

If the chamber has already started to discolor and is making it difficult to roast, then putting the chamber in a cleaning solution and allowed to soak for an hour and then scrubbing with the rough side of a sponge or dish brush is needed. Taking the time to clean and soak the chamber will prolong the useful life of the part.  It becomes very hard to roast when you aren't able to see the beans.  

Cleaning top cap with dish brush Allow to dry fully
If your top cap has build up and daylight is barely visible thru the screen then it will be a good time to soak the top cap in a hot soapy solution (4:1 ratio with water and simple green) and scrub with a soft dish brush. Any home multipurpose cleaner can be used.

Rinse the parts after they have been soaking for 5-10 min. Allow to fully dry before roasting.

Always soak the chamber and top assembly after they have had plenty of time to cool down from a roast.

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