Voltage, ambient air temp, and extension cords.... And my Fresh Roast SR Coffee Roaster.
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Voltage, ambient air temp, and extension cords.... And my Fresh Roast SR Coffee Roaster.

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Do you want to get the best performance out of your Fresh Roast SR540 or SR800? 
A couple things that we may overlook could be the cause of a machine not getting hot enough or maybe stalling around 400-430*F. 
The first thing to check is the ambient air temp of where you are roasting, if you are in your garage, basement, or shed and the room is below 55*F then your Fresh Roast SR roaster could be struggling to heat the incoming air enough to roast. 
What not to do, outside in the snow
The next thing I like to check is the voltage.  The SR540 and SR800 are using around 1500watts.  Which is a lot!  We suggest a 20amp circuit and to eliminate any other power robbing appliances, such as air fryers, electric kettles, toaster, space heaters, etc.  If your voltage drops below 115.5V, then you will see low heat output. 
Here is how we use a simple kill-o-watt meter to measure the voltage. One is loaded with the machine on and heater on and the other is the starting voltage. Click HERE for the kill-o-watt meter from Amazon           Outlet with Fresh Roast SR540 being tested  Testing outlet with voltmeter
What about the power cord? And what if I need to use an extension cord? 
The cord on the Fresh Roast SR540 and SR800 is 36" 
If you have to use an extension cord,  14 gauge and shortest possible is best. Similar extension cords can be found for a microwave or window air conditioner Rated for 125V, 1875watts, w/ 3 conductor wire
Click HERE for the Extension cord from Amazon
using heavy duty extension cord for Fresh Roast SR540 SR800 
The SR540/800 Glass Extension Tube was designed to help when your voltage is low or the room temperature drops below 55*F.  It helps concentrate the heat in a smaller area and makes the machine more efficient.  But it will make the machine taller, overall height is 19.5" That is the same for the SR540/800.
SR800 w Extension Tube
Click Here for more information on the SR540/SR800 Glass Extension Tube