How to store your fresh roasted coffee.
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How to store your fresh roasted coffee.

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How to store your Fresh Roasted Coffee? 

If you are into home coffee bean roasting, then you have had the thought about how to store your fresh coffee that you just roasted.  A little reading on the internet and you'll find many different ways it can be done.  

Allowing fresh home roasted coffee to degas is important and the first 24 hours is the most critical, where roughly 40% of the CO2 from roasting is off gassed or released.  Allowing the beans to degas during the first week of being stored is also a good rule to follow.  


This can be done by using a storage container that is not air tight for the first week.  We found the storage bags with a one way valve works really well if you want to keep the beans stored for longer than a week or to give to your friends. 


Storing coffee beans in one way valve bags












As you can see the other option we have used is a mason jar.  Do not tighten the top all the way.  Leave it a little loose just so the CO2 can escape.  Clear jars are not the best if beans are left out where sun light or room light can reach them.  Storing the jar in cupboard that isn't used frequently is suggested.  

Also store your beans in a dark cool environment is key. 

How to seal the one way valve bags?  You can use many different things to seal them.  For this example we used this clothes iron.  Turned to the middle settings and a flour sack dish towel.  

SEaling one way valve bags for fresh coffee

Holding it on for 20 seconds and doing both sides will seal the bag for future use.  These bags also have a re-sealable zipper that can be used after the bag has been opened. 


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